About The PotNetwork

The PotNetwork is a unique experiment in cannabis journalism, where pot businesses and the cannabis community come to learn and grow.

Who Are We?

The PotNetwork is the only cannabis media outlet that seeks to broaden cultural horizons and question assumed narratives through truthful, honest reporting about the people and places at the heart of the marijuana story. Our goal is to press forward the cannabis movement. We advocate through journalism for a fair and equitable legalization platform that takes into account the needs of all people and issues, including those of social justice, criminal justice, harm reduction, business equity, and more. 


PotNetwork.com is a place where the fledgling cannabis industry can grow and connect. Through business and event listings, our bustling network gives cannabis growers, dispensary owners, those in the CBD business, and more a place to thrive — a true community from which to learn from others. 

Where the Cannabis Community Comes for Information

We tell the stories that are seldom discussed in the marijuana community through a bold combination of muckraking, investigative reporting, feature writing, daily news, editorial, and opinion. Our writers highlight the best of the cannabis industry and hold to account those who seek to take advantage of the most vulnerable among us.

The PotNetwork hopes to elevate new voices in cannabis, which can shed light on issues that rarely come to attention in other cannabis-focused media.



Features, Investigative Reports, Editorials, and Opinions that take a deep-dive into the cannabis industry and its people

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Free cannabis business listings to help you grow, reach customers, and connect in the marijuana industry

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Brandon A. Dorfman

Brandon A. Dorfman is a Philadelphia-based writer and journalist who has worked in various positions in the cannabis industry over the past few years. His work has appeared in a number of high-profile outlets, including Alternet, The Huffington Post, Talk Poverty, The Fix, and more. He can be reached at bdorfman@potnetwork.com.

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