About Us

EventHi is an online ticketing platform for cannabis-related events. EventHi provides a safe hosting environment for event organizers to sell tickets and sponsorship's and has created a marketplace for attendees to find unique cannabis-related events. 

What makes EventHi unique?

Safe Hosting Platform: Event platforms are shutting down and freezing accounts of those hosting cannabis, CBD and hemp events. EventHi has worked hard at finding a solution to be able to cater specifically to the cannabis-related events industry by providing a safe hosting platform.

Cannabis Culture: EventHi is building a community and marketplace specifically for cannabis-related events. EventHi users are actively looking for unique, fun and educational events to attend.

Software: EventHi helps event organizers sell tickets and sponsorships. EventHi is currently in public beta, and although we may not have all the bells and whistles just yet, you have a team working hard each and every day to build the right tools for you.

Marketplace: EventHi provides a marketplace for attendees to kind all kinds of cannabis-related events. We are creating a community as we believe events bring people together offline and will be a key advantage to help educate others about this plant.

Interested in learning more? We would love to hear from you, email us at hello@eventhi.io or sign up today at www.eventhi.io