5280 Nano Technologies

About Us

5280 Nano Technologies is a Certified cGMP laboratory and premium wholesale manufacturing company specializing in creating the highest quality cannabinoid-based, water-dispersible nanomolecular emulsions available.  We supply a diverse group of consumer brands with Nano for use in their consumable and topical products lines.  These manufacturers and retailers are finding their Nano products typically have higher customer rebuy rates than similar products using standard cannabinoid ingredients, so demand for Nano is extremely high.

Reasons why you should consider partnering with 5280 Nano Technologies:

We produce a true nanomolecular cannabinoid emulsion that is consistent in size across the entire distribution.  Nanomolecular emulsions are extremely relevant to increasing bioavailability of cannabinoid doses, whether the cannabinoids are ingested or used in a topical form. 

Exceptional bioavailability means increased product efficacy. Your customers will know your products are effective; thereby, increasing brand loyalty and rebuy rates.

Nanoemulsions have onset times of approximately 15 minutes.  Rapid onset  is relevant to consumers who want to feel the benefit of their cannabinoid dose sooner than later.  Rapid onset also helps the consumer effectively manage their dosing to get the desired cannabinoid benefit. 

As you know, brand consistency and an elevated customer experience are paramount to long-term success of suppliers and manufacturers of cannabinoid products.  We can supply you with cannabinoid products that have uncompromised integrity and consistency.

All our product batches are third-party lab certified.  As a manufacturer of cannabinoid products available directly to the consumer, you will have peace of mind that the integrity and consistency of your product line will maintain its reputation for excellence.

Our product is water-dispersible; therefore, you can use our cannabinoids to create a versatile product line that is only limited by your imagination.

Our product comes in liquid and powder formats, so we can pick the right format for the manufacturing process of the product you have in mind.

The flavor profile of our product is mild, making it easy to integrate as an ingredient in edibles or beverages.

5280 Nano Technologies understands the importance of the entourage effect of cannabinoids, so we can produce custom blends of cannabinoids that will help you meet the needs of more customers with innovative product offerings. We can help you develop a new brand, or strengthen an existing brand, by providing excellent versatility to your manufacturing process.

5280 Nano Technologies is interested in developing long-lasting business relationships.  Our pricing reflects this long-term vision. We are dedicated to delivering value to manufacturers who are dedicated to delivering value to their consumers. Our success is based on your success. 

5280 Nano Technologies can produce the volumes you need to meet the product demands of today's consumer, and 5280 Nano Technologies can keep pace with the predicted growth of our industry.  

5280 Nano Technologies not only provides some of the highest quality hemp-derived, water dispersible, nanomolecular cannabinoid emulsions available on the market, but 5280 Nano Technologies has arguably raised the bar for cannabinoid production integrity.  Please see for yourself. Complimentary samples are available for your analysis.  

Please contact me, Steve Thoemmes, directly at 720-206-4086 so we may discuss the business to business opportunity further.