Atomic Budz Dispensary

About Us

Atomic Budz is a trusted brand that is committed to the highest standards of the Cannabis Industry. Cannabis you can count on. Per federal and state law, Atomic Budz does not transport any Cannabis across state lines, only exacting standards.

Effective January 1, 2018 we are licensed as follows: Adult Use: 21+ with a valid I.D. & Medical Use: 18 with a valid I.D and doctor recommendation

We also offer Cannabis Delivery (as governed by the State of CA) South of the I-10 in Zip Codes ( 92262, 92264, 92234, 92270 ).

In the beginning I had, as many in the industry do, a dream; Legalized Marijuana, in my life time???. Being a proponent of cannabis use for many years, I wanted the challenge of developing and bringing to market a trusted brand based on science and palliative benefits. I have seen first-hand the benefits of cannabis from sick friends and family members. I started researching the industry and the many layers of state and city statutes and zoning issues that had to be addressed properly in order to receive a legal license to operate.

Arizona approved with a very slim margin, Medical Cannabis in 2010. License applications had meet a myriad of city ordinances, zoning requirements, required permits/CUPS, security requirements, architectural plans to start. The process was daunting, expensive with many months of paperwork and thousands in fees got the application submitted. To get awarded a chance to get a license, you had to get a high enough number drawn by Arizona State. That did not happen for me.

Not one to give up, and being from Washington State, while living in Palm Springs, decided to go for it again. The many months spent on trying to get a license from Arizona wasn’t a waste as it made the process in Washington State less daunting. Understanding the benefits of Cannabis and with the help of his husband and owner of The NestEggg Group, Inc., lending a hand in understanding the tax implications and legal structures needed to become and stay a complaint business within the industry; the process began again in 2013.

In 2014, the waiting was over and we were approved for a Tier 2 i502, Producer/Processor License to grow 10,000 sq. ft of cannabis canopy and to produce/manufacture products derived from the cannabis we were licensed to grow. As in any industry, especially a new industry, there was much to do to establish a foothold and develop your brand. The brand, Atomic Budz was established and known today as Atomic Budz of Washington, growing safe, clean, tested, high quality - hand crafted cannabis. Atomic Budz sourced by clone and seed several dozen strains including a high CBD low THC lemon strain. Atomic Budz developed several lines of oil concentrate and distillates often paired with pre-rolls.

It didn’t stop there! When Coachella Valley started opening up to marijuana businesses; the opportunity for a west coast brand that covered all segments of the marijuana industry was too great. There was a natural inclination to bring Atomic Budz to California to further establish a west coast brand but on the other side of the industry; retail sales of medical and now, adult use marijuana. With years of experience the application process began again in the Spring of 2015. It wasn’t a sure thing and was always known that the lottery in Cathedral City and with 39 applicants that it could be another Arizona; I took the chance and it paid off. Application, lease, floor plan, security system and operating procedures outlining how we would be compliant with city and state laws were written and all submitted for consideration. After many months and expensive attorney bills and court appearances as an interested party, the City prevailed and we prevailed and nearly a year later we received our license.

The Atomic Budz brand was brought to California and Atomic Budz Dispensary opened in Cathedral City offering cannabis products to patients in need of a Medical Marijuana Dispensary. The State of California, the Nation’s and perhaps the World’s largest legalized cannabis market (which blows my mind) of course is doing things differently and licenses only entities currently licensed by local authority. There are a variety of licenses available depending on which part of the industry your business is in. We were one of the first 60 entities in CA to become licensed as an Adult Use Store in addition to being licensed as a Medical Dispensary. To develop and push the brand, Atomic Budz we will further become licensed as a Microbusiness. This allows us to vertically integrate giving us control over the brand Atomic Budz in terms of safe, tested, hand crafted cannabis. Microbusiness license holders can be licensed in retail, cultivation, delivery, manufacturing and distribution activities.

We took a battered old metal garage shell and transformed it into a knowledgeable, friendly, modern and hip store; Atomic Budz Dispensary, opened on January 20, 2017. We applied for an adult use license and on Jan 1, 2018, we were licensed as a medical dispensary and Adult Use store meeting all city and state licensing requirements.

This journey in the cannabis industry has been very expensive and often long and drawn out. Despite it all, Jeff and I and our team feel that we can help others use cannabis responsibility for what ‘ails or excites them” lol.