Frequently Asked Questions

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Advertising FAQs

How do I create a business listing?

In your personal information section (the person icon in the top right-hand corner) you will find a button that says “create company.” From there fill out the form as required, including uploading a company logo. You’ll need to register for the site first before being able to add a business listing.

How do I create an event listing?

Go to the “Events” page (Click on the button on the bottom) and you will find an “Add an Event” button on the next page. Fill out the form to add an event. You’ll need to register for the site first before being able to add an event.

What type of advertising options do you offer?

PotNEtwork News and PotNetwork Magazine both offer numerous customizable advertising packages to fit any business needs, from banner ads, to full-page advertisements to sponsored posts, email blasts and more. Contact for a media kit and to speak with an ad professional today.

Do you also offer advertising in your magazine?

Yes, PotNetwork magazine offers a variety of ad packages for businesses, including full, half, an quarter-page ad placements. Contact today to get a media kit and speak with someone about customizing a package that works for you.

Editorial FAQs

Do you accept guest posts on PotNetwork News?

Non-advertising guest posts are accepted on PotNetwork News. If you are looking to advertise a business or product please contact However, if you are an aspiring writer with a nose for news and have a good idea for a story, send your idea to our editor Brandon A. Dorfman at If interested, the editor will email you back with details.

Please note, due to the large number of submissions received, the editor cannot respond to all inquiries. PotNetwork News does not generally pay for guest posts. Guest posts should be original content that has not been published in other outlets and should not be material that promotes a specific product or business. Contact the editor for more information.

What kind of content do you publish?

PotNetwork News is focused on the financial and entrepreneurial sectors of the cannabis industry, with a hard focus on breaking news in the B2B space. We’re looking for unique stories about aspiring business and trends that can’t be found anywhere else in the industry.

Website FAQs

I posted a comment. Why can't I see it on the site?

Not all comments will appear immediately on the site, particularly if they contain inappropriate words, links or flagged media. If this happens, you may need to rephrase your comment (removing profanity, links, or media) and submit it again.

Why do my posts never appear in comments?

If a user continually posts comments that violate our rules, their comments may be blocked. This includes inappropriate comments that contain, insults, attacks, abuse towards other users or groups.

Do I need to register to read PotNetwork?

No, PotNetwork is open to all user. However, registering for the site gives you all of the extra benefits, including the ability to comment on articles, the ability to list your business for free, and the ability to list events for free as well as many more exciting things.

Why should I register for or create a PotNetwork News login?

Registering for PotNetwork News opens users up to a whole host of benefits both large and small. These include article commenting, the ability to create business listings and event listings for free, the ability to create lists of favorite businesses and events which help with networking opportunities, and so many more things as well.

How do I update my information on the site?

Click on the person icon on the top right-hand corner. You will be able to review and edit your personal information on the site. Here you will also be able to begin a company listing as well.