Cannabis community has conflicting opinions on Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris

Earlier this week, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden chose California Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate, sending pundits across America into speculation mode. It seems that everyone has an opinion on what the new ticket may or may not accomplish over the next few months or, should they win, the next few years. The cannabis industry, it would appear, is not immune from chiming in with its opinions.

Harris has had an evolving opinion on cannabis throughout her political career. As a prosecutor in California 10 years ago, she fought against a statewide measure, while a decade later, as a senator, she co-authored a bill calling for legalization. It was a significant part of her platform during her brief run for the White House in 2019. 

Today, it remains to be seen what, if any effect she will have on former Vice President Biden’s cannabis policy. The Democratic nominee remains opposed to the full legalization of cannabis but has put together one of the most progressive platforms concerning the plant in presidential history — which, true to form for 2020, makes it one of the most divisive plans ever. Biden wants to decriminalize the plant, legalize it for medicinal purposes, and then leave legalization up to the states. He also wants to study it more closely. 

Whether or not Harris will be able to push Biden more towards the left on this issue remains to be seen, although many in the cannabis community have shared their opinion on the topic. The PotNetwork took a look around social media to see what people had to say.

Steve DeAngelo

“From a cannabis reform POV ⁦@JoeBiden⁩ just made the worst pick possible. Cannabis voters should know that Harris took money and support from us in her race for CA AG, then did zero to defend CA when the DOJ attacked us. Then she laughed about it.”

Earl Blumenauer

“Kamala Harris will be a terrific Vice President.

I have had the privilege of working with the senator on our legislation to legalize cannabis and am ready to do everything I can to send Joe Biden and her to the White House.”


“While Sen @KamalaHarris carries the MORE Act in the Senate, last November, the @HouseJudiciary Committee advanced the House's verison, marking the first time in history that federal lawmakers have moved forward legislation to deschedule cannabis from CSA.”

Tommy Chong

“Kampala Harris will kick the Orange Menace’s ass if he dares to challenge her. Now the ticket is complete. Nov.3rd. Is looking much better now! Vote Biden and Harris to bring intelligence back to the White House!”

Merida Capital Partners

“Well, we now have the hardcore incarceration coalition on the Democratic ticket. And a failed vote to add cannabis legalization to platform. But at least Kamala smoked weed while listening to music b4 incarcerating half of CA for it as AG so there is some hope…”

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