How to start a cannabis delivery service

Oct 26, 2020

From IndicaOnline comes a new report detailing how entrepreneurs can start their own cannabis delivery service. From On-Board Inventory to Hub-Based models, Indica's new report gives one of the most detailed accounts ever produced on the subject. Indica's new system is ideal for the post-COVID landscape as well. According to the report, the company keeps customers and drivers safe with e-signatures, PPE, and other safety measures. "Make sure to keep each driver supplied with supplies such as masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer," notes the report. "Drivers should sanitize high-touch areas inside their car as often as possible. When interacting with customers, drivers should always wear a mask and only deliver to customers who are wearing a mask."

IndicaOnline touts itself as an innovative dispensary management suite. It's used by throughout the U.S. and Canada by thousands of retailers, including "multi-location enterprises to small businesses."

"We are committed to spurring positive industry change through technological advances for the evolving cannabis industry," noted Indica in their report. Check out the full report below.

How to start a cannabis delivery service

How to Start a Cannabis Del... by Brandon Dorfman

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