POTNETWORK EXCLUSIVE: Lamar Odom introduces the Odom Vape Pen at TPE 2019

Feb 13, 2019

PotNetwork News was live at the Tobacco Plus Expo in Las Vegas, with ex-NBA star Lamar Odom as he introduced his new line of CBD vape pens under the brand name Odom Vape Pen.

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Speaking exclusively with PotNetwork News Odom, who credits CBD for saving his life following a near-fatal drug overdose in 2015, spoke about the benefits of cannabidiol and why he decided to start his own brand.

“CBD helped me come back,” Odom said, referring to the coma he went into following his overdose. “I think everyone knows my story.”

Odom’s cannabis company Rich Soil Organics was born during the former L.A. Laker’s road to recovery, as he found the medicinal and healing value in the plant. He went on to team up with Five Star Juice, and together they released the new line of Odom Vape Pens.

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A two-time NBA champion, the 39-year-old Odom will make his return to professional basketball this year in the newly formed BIG3 League, a basketball league founded by, among others, actor and rapper Ice Cube. The league made headlines recently when it announced it would openly allow players to use cannabis.

Asked if the NBA should allow cannabis use, Odom told PotNetwork, “I think so, hopefully, they will.”

POTNETWORK EXCLUSIVE: Lamar Odom introduces the Odom Vape Pen at TPE 2019 from Potnetwork on Vimeo.

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