Solventless: The New Strain of Marijuana Market Manufacturing

The recent boom of the cannabis industry is impressive for a venture that only officially started in 2009 and is still considered barely legal. The industry currently employs more than 165,000 people in the United States but is plagued by federal opposition. Yet marijuana manufacturers are forging ahead and working to bridge the gap between government regulations and their customers’ demand for wholesome medical marijuana. 

This offbeat kind of success can be tricky to manage. Marijuana manufacturers are in a tight spot, caught between their promise to provide quality medicine to their consumers while working through some of the onerous regulations holding them back. The best way to fight the legal battle, it seems, is to be honest about their entire business process. Manufacturing companies focus on their ownership of everything – from product to storage to marketing, and the most successful manufacturers are fully integrated into it all.

But what’s the most important part of their business model? 

The extraction process.

The Solventless Extraction Process

There are a few different extraction processes marijuana manufacturers can use. The original methods rely on butane, ethanol, or carbon dioxide to extract the cannabinoids from the marijuana plant. Unfortunately, this kind of process leaves behind residual solvents that affect the quality of the CBD and THC oil used in medical marijuana products. Consequently, many manufacturers are starting to focus on a solventless extraction process instead.

Solventless extraction uses extreme pressure instead of solvents to extract the cannabis resin. The marijuana plant is pressed between two 21-ton heat plates, and the combination of heat and pressure encourages the resins to simply ooze out. This process is changing the face of marijuana manufacturing because it leaves behind a higher quality resin that gives consumers a more accurate dosage. 

With current politics, this kind of precision dosing is key to building confidence in medical marijuana products. But to guarantee success in this industry, manufacturers are choosing to be transparent with their extraction process and use it as part of their marketing strategy. Solventless extraction (unofficially known as “rosin”) is so new that is not held up to any industrial or federal standards at the moment. So marijuana manufacturers are getting their customers directly involved with the process in order to pull back the curtain to Oz and reveal the true potential of an industry focused on the health and wellness of medical marijuana users.

The Conscious Marketing Process

Rosin Tech, a manufacturer with SHO Products, specializes in the solventless process, and they encourage their customers to learn as much about it as they can. Not only are they one of the leading manufacturing companies responsible for creating the presses and heat plates necessary to extract resin, but they publish their own instructional videos and offer warehouse tours for local and visiting customers. 

Solventless extraction is more than just a process for these manufacturers. It becomes an experience where customers have the chance to get personally involved in an industry directly related to their health. Rosin Tech’s Solventless Experience invites consumers to visit the warehouse and press their own medicine. Their hands-on marketing approach to the extraction process helped earn them $3 million in 2017, and they’ve grown on to manufacture and sell their presses so other companies can duplicate their process. 

Because of the nature of CBD and THC oils, it’s worthy to note that market manufacturers like Rosin Tech are being honest and involved with every step of their process. Health and wellness is at the forefront of the marijuana industry, and investors and market manufacturers are recognizing how important it is to be conscious of their product. This kind of conscious business marketing has the potential to propel the legalization battle forward on positive terms.

[Photo: Artur Rutkowsk]
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