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VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Planet 13 is the world’s largest cannabis superstore. It’s also the best local marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas.

Mar 28, 2019

In a seemingly nondescript back warehouse inside of Las Vegas’ premier entertainment complex and cannabis superstore Planet 13, Director of Marketing David Farris spoke with excitement about the dispensary’s expansion plans. Already the world’s largest cannabis dispensary, the success of Planet 13 has left the team behind Sin City’s newest tourist destination eager to push forward, to see how far they can move the envelope.

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It’s a sight to behold, and a modern-day testament to just how far the movement to legalize cannabis has come — bring the sale of marijuana out of back alleys into the literal spotlight.

In fact, Planet 13 is now one of the best local dispensaries in all of Las Vegas, and a must-see tourist destination for anyone, regardless of their toking habits. With LED lights everywhere and an aerial orb show to entertain customers as they shop, the store unabashedly embraces its Las Vegas roots. And why not, as after all cannabis is supposed to be fun.

But behind the glitz and the glamour and the showmanship is a tightly-run business, a 24-hour cannabis dispensary with well-branded products that strives to earn and keep every customer that walks through its doors. As Farris told PotNetwork in an interview last summer, Planet 13’s high-quality products are just as important, if not more so than the atmosphere they present to customers.

“We have expanded our cultivation and production, and now we have our own branded product which is Medizin,” Farris said recently. “We have vape cartridges, flower, concentrates, and a few different edible varieties. That’s been huge for us, to have international, award-winning in-house products. A lot of people’s in-house products are not normally that successful which we’re very excited about and appreciative of.”

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PotNetwork News was in Las Vegas recently and had an opportunity to visit Planet 13, where we spoke once again with David Farris. He gave us the grand tour of the world’s largest cannabis dispensary and told us just how they balance out glamour and glitz with a clientele that expects top-notch cannabis products.

(Image/Video: Juan Carlos Tamayo)
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