What Are Some of The Best Ways To Enjoy CBD Honey?

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One of the more nuanced and timely products to come out of then CBD edibles trend are CBD infused honey products. Companies like Diamond CBD, recently listed among the top ten CBD companies in a report by New Frontier Data are whetting the appetites of consumers with crafty and innovative products such as CBD Honey Sticks and the CBD Honey Pot. They’re designed for mass appeal, branded for a mixed market of CBD users who enjoy everything from a nice relaxing afternoon with a cup of tea to an extreme workout that includes uphill runs in the mountains.

With all of these new CBD-infused honey products on the market today, it begs the question, what’s the best way to enjoy CBD honey? With the help of Diamond CBD, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to enjoy CBD Honey Sticks, no matter what your reason is for using them.

The Mixed Power of CBD Infused With Honey

By now, most people are aware of the multitude of reasons there are to use CBD oil. From pain relief to relaxation, CBD oil has changed the way that people think of wellness. Moreover, research continues to back up the mountain of anecdotal evidence, supporting numerous claims of its effectiveness. CBD oil is, for example, confirmed to be an anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce what most experts agree is the number cause of chronic and ongoing pain.

Of course, honey itself is quickly becoming an essential part of any health and wellness regimen, making it the perfect complement to CBD. Research shows that honey has just as many antioxidants as fruits and vegetables, helping to protect the body from damage done by free radicals. It also has some lesser-known antibacterial properties, can help heal wounds, and is full of phytonutrients.

However, honey is most well-known for its ability to soothe sore throats. Combined with the power of CBD, honey gives a one-two punch that may knock-out some of life’s most nasty ailments.

The Best Ways To Use CBD Honey In A Wellness Regimen

Knowing the power of CBD and how it can enhance the sweetness of honey, what are some of the best ways to use CBD infused honey. Diamond CBD suggests using delicious CBD Honey sticks in a myriad of ways. For example:

  • Diamond CBD recommends using their CBD Honey sticks to make a delightful and refreshing sports drink. Mix some lemon juice, some lime juice, water, salt, and CBD Honey Sticks and then shake. It becomes not only a delicious drink but a powerful way to recharge after a tough workout or run!

  • CBD honey can sweeten anything. Diamond CBD Honey Sticks are the perfect way to sweeten tea or even a favorite dessert. One site even came up with a great way to use CBD Honey Sticks to drizzle on salad as a tasty dressing.

  • How about using CBD honey for skincare? Mix CBD Honey Sticks with some coconut oil, and it becomes a great, skin-nourishing face mask. Apply gently to the face at night before bed and then wash with warm water.

CBD Honey Is A Double Dose of Healthy

CBD Honey, such as Diamond CBD’s CBD Honey Sticks offer up the power of CBD mixed with the sweetness of honey, bringing together two of natures most robust all-natural ingredients and combining them into the perfect wellness package. There is a myriad of ways in which it can be used, with people only being limited by their imaginations.

Full disclosure: Diamond CBD and The PotNetwork are both subsidiaries of PotNetwork Holdings
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